Mission Partially Confirmed – Let’s Talk Tethers

We’re happy to announce that as part of its mission, BATSAT will test a newly designed de-orbiting tether, intended to cause orbits of satellites to decay more rapidly, without the use of active components.

This technology could one day be used to remove satellites from orbit quicker, reducing the amount of dangerous space debris surrounding Earth.

In recent years, space debris has become a pressing issue for the space community. With increasing amounts of hardware being put into orbit, collisions are becoming more difficult to avoid. Satellites that are no longer operational run the risk of colliding with each other, and in doing so, producing high speed fragments which can damage useful space hardware, such as the ISS.

Using BATSAT, we hope to contribute to efforts on collision prevention. If effective, the tethering system we test may in future be a technique employed to remove satellites from orbit once their mission is complete, decreasing the risk of collision and production of further small debris.

We’re looking forward to bringing you updates on both this and the remaining payload in the near future. Stay tuned.